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  1. is an online mall owned by Muza Ride, that allows merchants to register their products (to be sold) on her platform the merchant has therefore given muza express (muzaride) the mandate to display the registered product on any platform deemed fit for the sales of the product/s.
  2. reserves the right to continually maintain merchants listing, making them visible to all customers or prospective customers or delist such product and terminate the relationship with merchant when product continually gets negative ratings and complaints.
  3. The service provided by muza express includes displaying merchant’s products, accepting customer’s orders and accepting payments on merchant’s behalf.
  4. Merchant agrees to pay muza express/Muzaride a fixed commission from revenue made through the muza express platform. Subject to the product cartegory, percentage commission may be different for different classes of products.
  5. Muza express may charge additional fees for sales on her platform at any point for different reasons, including listing fees, marketing enhancement fees. In the event of introducing other fees, merchant will be notified to the commencement with opt out option.
  6. In cases of electronic payment, muza express/muzaride collects the payment and VAT is deducted before payment is transmitted to merchant only when VAT was collected by muza express from sales and if not collected or VAT issues is the sole responsibility of merchant.
  7. Receipt of deliveries are to be kept by merchant for at least one year (twelve months) to be presented on demand in case of issues with transactions
  8. When deliveries are done by merchant/supplier and payment received by same, muza express will send monthly invoice of confirmed orders to the merchant after with merchant must transmit company’s commission to muza express/muzaride with one week (5 working days) of receiving statement.
  9. Merchant Indemnifies muza express/muzaride from all claims arising from matters outside muza express/muzarides’s control, including but not limited to the quality of goods and services provided by the merchant. The merchant/supplier further indemnifies muza express/muza ride from third parties claims, resulting from violation of laws and regulations by merchant/seller.
  10. Merchant is obliged to provide all relevant information when listing a product on
  11. Merchant guarantees that information about his/her product/s listed on satisfy all legal requirements and information requirements for consumer protection
  12. Both parties are obliged to confidentiality in reference to the content of this agreement, as well as all other information and data exchanged in the course of this partnership, and not use it for purpose outside the scope of this contract, or pass it on to a third party.

Refund policy

  1. After delivery and payment, buyers have only 5 working days to refund purchased products in case of dissatisfaction or wrong delivery after which fund is transmitted to merchant.


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